Club Mailing Address:

GWC Club
P.O. Box 971
McLean,VA 22101

Board of Directors - Officers

President Doug Tomb
Vice President &
Program Chairman
Luke Chaplin
Activities Chairman Jason Cunningham
Editor Bill Sims
Assistant Editor Bruce Metcalf
Secretary Paul Bjarnason
Membership Chairman Greg Shepherd
Treasurer Paul Bjarnason
Assistant Treasurer Milford Sprecher
Annual Meet Chairman Jim Gray
Club Property Manager Benny Leonard
Youth Chairman James Kolody
National Club Liaison Jamie Lucas

Appointed Positions

Historian/Archivist Tom Quigley
Librarian Jay Melton
Annual Meet Special Advisor Bill Worsham
Sunshine Chairman Jim Gray
Technical Advisor Tom Terko
Webmaster Greg Shepherd


January Stan Johnson
February Doug Tomb
March Benny Leonard
April Jamie Lucas
May Jason Cunningham
June Mark Kuklewicz
July None..outdoor swap meet
August James Kolody
September Luke Chaplin
October Bill Sims
November Greg Shepherd
December Milford Sprecher

Howard Minners

During the last official GWC Board Meeting of 2016, Jim Gray recognized Howard Minners, outgoing board member for his long service on the GWC Board, and his service to the entire Model A Community. Stan Johnson reviewed Howard's service to the National Model A organizations, including Howard's long Presidency of the Model A Ford Foundation; his efforts to assemble and organize valuable collections of original Model A upholstery samples, factory photographs and era advertisements for the Model A Ford; as well as supervising the indexing of Factory Engineering Drawings at the Benson Ford Research Center in Dearborn. For this and other work, Howard was presented several years ago with the Ken Brady Award, the top award of the Model A Restorer's Club. Early on in Howard's service to the GW Chapter he served as Newsletter Editor, winning the top MARC award, and more recently has been the liaison between the National Model A Ford Organizations and the George Washington Model A Ford Club. His service on the board will be missed even though he plans to continue full participation in club activities. A hearty and sincere round of applause followed to show Howard our admiration and appreciation.