Club Mailing Address:

GWC Club
P.O. Box 971
McLean,VA 22101

George Washington Region
MARC Mileage Program
Updated for 2020

Jim Cartmill31 Tudor 43,296
Clem Clement30 Cabriolet 15,215
Joe Curatola31 Tudor 11,495
Paul Gauthier30 Tudor 6,013
Paul Gauthier30 Delux Fordor 4,564
Andy Jaeger31 Pickup 9,663
Andy Jaeger30 Town Sedan 10,263
Chuck Kunstbeck31 Delux Coupe27,470
Benny Leonard30 Tudor 16,278
Benny Leonard30 Coupe 1,768
Bill Sims31 Town Sedan 15,673
Milford Sprecher30 Town Sedan6,552
Milford Sprecher28 Roadster 1,606
Millard Springer31 Cabriolet 20,915

Congratulations to all the participants! More info can be found on the MARC home page. Look for Mileage Program. MARC Home Page
Our clubs program coordinator is Jim Cartmill who can be reached at