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GWC Club
P.O. Box 971
McLean,VA 22101

We are one club representing Metro Washington, DC

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Ownership of a Model A Ford is not a requirement for membership. If you are interested in Model As, or want to learn more about them and what the club has to offer, please come to a meeting or event, and introduce yourself to a member. They will put you in contact with the membership chairman or other officer, who will answer your questions and hopefully make you feel at home. Contact info is on the left of this page.

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Milford Sprecher, President
Welcome all Model A Ford enthusiasts to our web site! Our members from Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia take great pride in our club and in hosting this site to celebrate the Model A Ford. Our club sponsors a magnificent vintage car show at the Sully Historic Site on Father's Day each year; participates in national and local parades and shows; enjoys picnics and tours; and enjoys presentations at our monthly meetings focused on the Model A and its era. You don't need to own a Model A to join us; all you need is an interest in the car and its impact on history. Come see why we enjoy driving our 40 horsepower vintage Model As along the highways and byways of the modern world.

Come enjoy the car that "Made a Lady out of Lizzie."