Suggested Tool Kit for the Model A Traveler

Local Trips:

Assorted Hand ToolsSpark Plugs
Carburetor (tested in advance)Plug Wires
Distributor (tested and timed on car)3 in 1 Oil
Distributor Body & CapFeeler Gauge
Distributor CamElectrical Tape
PointsAxle Key
Cut Out SwitchRear Axle Shim
Coil (new or tested used)Cotter Pin Assortment
Light Bulbs (headlight & taillight) Accelerator Return Spring
Exhaust ClampDistributor Cam Wrench
6 Volt Test Light

Longer Distance/Cross Country Trips:

Gallon of WaterTiming Gear Nut Wrench
Fan BladeGenerator (tested)
Fan BeltSmall Container of Grease
Water Pump (rebuilt or tested)Headgasket
Timing GearNational Model A Club Roster

The above list was suggested at the June, 1997 meeting by the technical presenters:

Don Temple, Harry Bennett, Frank Tuscano